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Love Advice Online Psychics
By Ken Wilson
People have been going to psychics for love advice long before the Internet appeared. They are interested to find out if they are going to encounter true love and if life is going to be the way they Read more...

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January - Winter is here, the sky's grow darker and Christmas looms. If summer was lonely for you, time to pucker up & find the right love partner;

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The Psychic Reading Hotline web site provides lots of information about psychics as well as giving you online access to 'psychic readings'. In addition, you will find extensive information and articles on leading psychics to help you on your way. Just listen to some feedback from recent readings;

I called the hotline to get a psychic love reading! Boy was I surprised when I met Roy, he was the man of my dreams, I've called the hotline again and hope Roy will marry me...
Mina, London, Jul 2007

There was something wrong in my life and I couldn't quite put my finger on it! The psychics helped me find my feet and guided me to a happier time ...
Linda, Manchester, Jul 2007

All I wanted was that promotion at work! The psychics gave me the confidence to go for it, I am now sitting in my new chair at my new desk! can I say anymore?...
Phil, Winchester Jun 2007

My friends & I tried the text tarot card reading for fun! I had no clue that I would figure out that the boss fancied me! I am going to ask him out...
Debbi, Glasgow, May 2007

Latest Psychic News & Articles

'Sally Morgan, Star Psychic?'

** Sally Morgan Star Psychic is not available on our psychic phone lines and is not affiliated with our web site or any services we offer in any way!.

Sally Morgan Star Psychic is a program on UK's ITV TV channel about a very charismatic psychic called Sally Morgan. She is a little middle aged woman from West London who has demonstrated great psychic ability on TV under a challenge set by TV producers.

Sally Morgan psychic is whipped around the country and introduced to TV celebrities and random members of the public for whom Sally performs psychic readings. Sally apparently is a very popular psychic and actually performed readings for Princess Diana.

'Sally Morgan' seems like a loveable lady who approaches her clients with a down to earth yet direct attitude. Her accuracy is amazing and manages to delve into a reading within moments from meeting her subjects. Sally Morgan can also do readings by looking at a picture of a person or by coming in contact with a persons personal items. Ms Morgan also performed readings to random members of the public via a telephone box with surprisingly accurate results.

Sally can also contact the other side being able to communicate with those who have passed to the afterlife. Acting as a medium, Sally has connected many people with loved ones putting their minds at ease and again demonstrating a powerful 6th sense.

If you are skeptical of psychics or psychic readings, we highly recommend watching Sally Morgan, Star Psychic on ITV2 on Wednesday nights at 11pm, it's the most interesting program you will watch all week, even this year!

Sally Morgan Star Psychic Video

Tony & Tracey Hall - Our favourite celebrity psychics

Working for over 20 years as professional mediums and with a variety of experiences in the paranormal field, these amazing psychics havegraced national televison appearing on TV channels such as BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Sky as well as numerous Radio appearances and have been featured in National Newspapers and Women's Magazines.  Their first book 'The Spirit of Love' will be published by publishing giants Little Brown in February 2008.

Read more about their amazing work, and see for yourself the wonderful comments left by those touched by these gifted psychics.

Finding love and happiness with the help of psychics is only the beginning. A Medium can help you contact lost loved ones, help build your confidence, help you at confusing times, find out if someone is in love with you, help with work problems and much more.

Paul & Tracey Norton

Patrick Hutchinson - The Soul Toucher

Watch out for Paul Hutchinson, touching the souls not only of the public he reads for, but for other mediums too. We will be releasing more details of Patricks unique services soon and we are excited to share these with you.

Patrick Hutchinson


Additional Resources
How To Get A Free Tarot Card Reading Online
By Maria Svensson, Fri Dec 9th
At we get a lot of emails asking foranswers to people's problems. These problems range from thetrivial to the heart-rendingly important. All of them, however,can be Read more...

Additional Resources
Free Psychic Advice Understanding The Customer
By Ken Wilson
When we find ourselves involved in serious problems, we tend to turn to someone for help. As humans, we prefer to receive advice from specialized people and benefit from their guidance. Psychics are Read more...

Psychics Required -  Vacancy

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